Here at Monkey Pod Games, we’ve selected special items that will make the perfect gift for Dad.  Our wooden puzzles, brain teasers, and puzzle games make for wonderful Father’s Day presents.

And, don’t forget, we offer free shipping on all orders over $25.  Don’t delay, June 21 is just around the corner!

Here are some of the wooden puzzles and games that are part of our Father’s Day sale:

Four Puzzles in a Tricky Box                                                                                           

Four Puzzle Gift Set

Four Puzzle Gift Set

This great puzzle set in an attractive handcrafted box makes for the perfect gift!  It includes our five most popular wooden puzzles: the Soma Cube, the Star Puzzle, the Snake Puzzle, the Diamond Cube and the extra puzzle of separating the X in the box.  Now only $29.95! Free shipping included! 

Tumbling Tower

Based on the old African building block game, this classic game will be a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Put your architectural skills to the test by building a tower out of the wooden blocks. Break the ice but don’t break the tower.  The large tower is now only $21.95!

Round Solitaire Puzzle

Perfect entertainment for one, win by jumping one peg over another and removing the peg previously jumped over, thus trying to eliminate all the pegs until just one remains in the lower right corner.  Now only $7.95!

Barrel Puzzle

Although it is comprised of 12 intricate wooden pieces, shaped like a barrel, don’t go looking for help from friends with this brain-teaser. This challenging brain puzzle is designed for one player to disassemble and reassemble with accuracy.  Now only $7.95

Three Puzzle Gift Set

This fabulous wood box contains the most popular wood puzzles of today. These top three finely crafted puzzles delight everyone from novice puzzlers to university professors.  The set includes the Snake Cube, the Burr Puzzle, and the Soma Cube.  Now only $24.95!

Burr Puzzle

What’s a Burr Puzzle? This wood crafted, precision-made puzzle of intersecting cuboids supposedly resembles a burr seed (that famous inspiration for Velcro) upon completion. The puzzle itself has been an inspiration to recreational mathematicians worldwide!  Now only $5.95!

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