A Prince's gift to the love of his life

A Prince's gift to the love of his life

Our famous Star Puzzle has once again made headlines when it was used on the hit CBS show Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds follows the Behavioral Analysis Unit, a branch of the FBI, based in Quantico, Virginia. In each episode, the characters track down some of the most dangerous criminals. What makes this show so interesting is that it focuses on the criminal instead of the crime.

In the episode Risky Business, Special Agent Pristine, at the end of the episode is playing with the Star Puzzle. The other character named Dr. Spencer Reid, who plays a genius doctor aiding the FBI team, asks Pristine what she is doing. She explains that she is trying to solve this difficult 3D puzzle which has a very romantic story to it. She tells Reid the fable where a prince who was madly in love tries to win over the heart of the prettiest maiden by catching a falling star for her. He climbs to the highest tower in the kingdom and manages to catch it but in all his excitement he drops the star and it smashes on the floor. In a frantic rush and without accepting failure as an option, the prince puts the pieces of the star back together. The Maiden loves the gift and they live happily ever after.

However the genius Dr. Reid does not understand the concept of fiction well and protests that the story could not be true because any star that would fall down towards us would burn up in the atmosphere. Special Agent Pristine tries to explain to Reid that it is just a fable but the scientist minded Reid declares again that it cannot even be considered a fable because it has no moral to it. Pristine responds by saying that at the very least it is a cute romantic story. She goes on to say that the puzzle is almost impossible to solve and just to annoy her more, Dr. Reid solves the puzzle in a matter of seconds.

The Star Puzzle is a fun game to have, tough to solve, but is a admirable accomplishment and looks great sitting on a desk or shelf. Order your own Star Puzzle

For all you know, you might complete it quicker than Dr. Reid. Or if you really want a challenge, we also offer the giant version of the puzzle which can be found in our Extra Large 3D puzzle section.