The version that is helping us be better to the environment and get a break from technology!

The version that is helping us be better to the environment and get a break from technology!

Computers, television, video game consules, portable video games, movies, MP3 players that do everything, cell phones, portable dvd players, where does it end?

Technology is great but like everything, it has its limits. Unfortunately it seems everywhere we turn, more and more technology is springing up. One obvious instance is with the game Sudoku. It used to be a pleasurable game played in a newspaper or booklet. Now there are endless websites selling or offering free Sudoku. Instead of being a quiet game away from our technology centric society, it has joined the masses. Now we stare at the screen burning out our retinas trying to solve a very hard Sudoku game.

One of our aims at Monkey Pod Games is to not join the masses! We want to bring leisure into your life that isnt just another technological gimmick. That is why we have created our own Sudoku game!

We have created a wooden Sudoku that is perfect for your home or to take with you on vacation. You still get your classic 9 x 9 Sudoku game but instead of being glued to your computer screen, this can be played in your bedroom, the livingroom, in the car while on a long trip, or wherever you are comfortable.

But we have taken our concept a step further! It is very important for us to do what we can to improve our Earth. We only have one as it is. Most people have ecological footprints 4-6 times the size it should be. By choosing to use our wooden Sudoku version you are doing two good things for the environment:

1) You are not longer having to buy booklets, meaning hundreds of trees do not need to be cut down in order to make the pages for an endless amount of books to be produced.

2)By being able to play the game not on your computer, you are conserving electricity. When we save electricity, we are not using as much oil. When we are not using as much oil, we are saving money both by nation and by globe.

Therefore we highly suggest an investment into the wooden Sudoku game. Not only is it the best way to play the game without harming the environment, it is also just as fun! No more running out of puzzles inside booklets or erasing so hard that the ink on the page starts to fad. This has to be the perfect way to play Sudoku! We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Order your own copy here!