Today we are dedicating our blog to the wonderful tale of Peter Pan! Most of us know the story written by J.M. Barrie whereby a young boy named Peter Pan is whisked away from his home in London to a magical land called Neverland. There he leads a group of young boys called “The Lost Boys” and lives with his best friend, the responsible girl named Wendy. Peter Pan has many skills but his most impressive is his ability to never grow old. He is the boy who never grows up, the boy who is the youth in all of us, no matter how hidden. He creates magic with his infectious smiles, draws hope by flying through the skies, and defends his clan against the evil Captain Hook.

 The story of Peter Pan was originally presented to adults even though it has now become a legend as a children’s story after Disney’s adaptation. Peter Pan is not just about magic and fighting pirates. It is a story about bravery, being free from the fear of death, about being able to love. It is about finding love and friendship with those you would least expect, when the ones you did expect abandoned you. Most of all it is about finding the innocence and child that will always exist within us if we take the time to find that youth and let it fly free.

 There have been many stories revolving the legend of Peter Pan. Whether it was him as a one week old boy in Kensington Garden playing the pan pipes for the fairies or flying to Neverland with his Wendy and Lost Boys, Peter Pan will always be a figure for us to dream of, a leader of our imaginations and adventures.

Let us be children sometimes and forget all the things we have to deal with. Here we present you with different puzzles that we believe invoke the spirit of Peter Pan and will bring out the youth in you!

The Glass Marbles Solitaire Monkey Pod GamesFirst we have the “Glasses Marbles Solitaire”. This is dedicated to the most famous of the Lost Boys “Toodles” who loved his marbles more than anything. Be a Lost Boy and play this solitaire marble game. Just make sure you don’t lose them like Toodles did!

Play the Great Escape. Although based on another interesting fable, this time it can represent Peter Pan saving Wendy from Captain Hook.

The Diamond Puzzle Monkey Pod GamesThen there is the Diamond Puzzle. Fairies like Tinker Bell can be hard to figure out. But fairies are magical and will let us fly among them with the stars if we are lucky. Like little diamonds, fairies are the magic little beings that live in places like Kensington Gardens. Solve the Diamond Puzzle here!

These are just some examples of puzzles to bring out the child in us. But there are many many more waiting for you here!