The Gordian Gates Monkey Pod Games“Freedom is a word I rarely use without thinking.” This is one of my favorite quotes which was song by the legendary singer Donovan in his hit song “Colors”. The term freedom has been at the center of almost every political movement and uprising since the dawn of man. Freedom from tyranny, freedom from persecution, freedom from religion, freedom from secularism. Freedom Freedom Freedom! It has been used so many times and is adopted by almost every movement that the word has lost its meaning. It has lost its soul. That is why I love this quote. “Freedom is a word I rarely use without thinking.” Donovan hits the nail on the head when he speaks about the need to think before we speak and to make sure when we say freedom we really mean it. It may be the year 2010 but a great portion of the world is still under the dark veil of tyranny without political or civil freedoms. Unfortunately the mechanisms to advance these peoples freedoms have not been created. They stay trapped. However, we here, from the free world stand with them in support and hope that one day they too will taste what freedom means.

 That is why we are dedicating our disentanglement puzzles to the oppressed peoples of the world. For these puzzles you have to THINK and you have to FREE the trapped mouse or peg.

 So although you may not be able to start a freedom movement, why not play our disentanglement puzzles instead! Their fun and after reading this, they will get you consciously thinking about freedom.

Start your freedom disentanglement puzzles here!