Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we stumble but either way we are always trying to understand what is going on. We take apart each date that we went on and each line we said. Learning from our past mistakes, we map the future carefully hopefully succeeding and finding the love of our life.

So while we are stressing about love and romance, why not relieve some of that tension with a love themed brain teaser.  Here are some of my favorite love puzzles:

The Heart Puzzle Tangrams Monkey Pod Games

 First there is the Heart Puzzle which is a modern version of the very famous tangram puzzle. Here, one has to make tangram shapes as in the original version but now one has to contend doing this with shapes that form a heart. There are over forty shapes to create! This one can be picked up here.


Then there is the super fun Love Test Puzzle! This puzzle is a lot more accurate and fun than pulling the petals off a flower. And you save the flowers too! This puzzle involves a wooden heart with a string going through its holes with a small ball trapped. If you can manage to release the ball, then the answer is: YES HE OR SHE TRULY LOVES YOU! Find your answers here.



The Star Puzzle Monkey Pod GamesOr there is the Star Puzzle. Despite this being the famous puzzle used on the hit CBS show Criminal Minds, it also makes a great love puzzle. There is a great little romantic fable behind it that can be read here. The romance story behind it makes it a great puzzle for the theme of love. Build it for your own satisfaction or present it to the love of your life.



There are tons of puzzles available to get us through those days where love is taking over our thoughts. Why not get through those days with a cool puzzle to relax your mind. Check them all here!   

Love can be stressful. Who here has not sat around thinking “Does she like me?” or “I wonder if he will call me back? Often we obsessively deconstruct our relationships trying to grasp our emotions. Our feelings are hard to understand and the emotion of love tends to preoccupy our mind at an amplified level. We go our whole lives looking for love. Whether on the internet, in bars and clubs, or even on a vacation, we are playing the game.