A diamond is a girl’s best friend! Who hasn’t heard that line before? A lot of people know that Marilyn Monroe made it popular in the 1953 hit movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. But can anyone guess what was the name of the character Monroe played in that movie? Remember no cheating please! Leave your answer in the comment section. We love to read your answers.

Okay, Okay!  Back to the diamonds. Diamonds have played an important role in our civilization for a long time. Well long for us! It is believed that diamonds were first used around three to six thousand years ago. But before we call that old, let us remember, diamonds are at least one billion years old! So let’s keep old in perspective.

Diamonds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but one of the most popular ones in our culture is the Hope diamond. This diamond today sits in the Natural History Museum in Washington DC. It is a deep blue color and is 45.52 carats!!!! The legend says that the Hope diamond was stolen from the eye of an idol of the goddess Sita.  

Often people think the Hope diamond is the biggest in the world. While it is certainly beautiful, it is no where near the biggest. The biggest diamond in the world is 545.67 carats which was presented to the King of Thailand in 1997.

Monkey Pod Games The Diamond PuzzleLet’s face it folks, its most likely neither of us will ever have diamonds like these. But who needs them? In a couple of billion years, they will just turn black right? However, what I would love is a MONKEY POD GAME DIAMOND PUZZLE!!

To me this is the real deal! Eleven beautiful monkey pod pieces that need to be assembled into a diamond shape. Once completed you will have a beautiful Monkey Pod Games Diamond Puzzle. And it shouldn’t take a billion years either to form.