For the puppy lover or for the one who does not want the real thing!

For the puppy lover or for the one who does not want the real thing!

Every parent with a young child deals with this quote at some point during their lives: Mom I want a puppy! Pleaaaassssseeee mom can i have one? I promise to take care of it and love it all the time. Everyone loves kids. And everyone loves puppies. But let’s be honest. Your little six year old kid isnt going to be walking it at 6 a.m. when it is sub zero outside with ice rain coming down. Most likely it will be you. We love puppies here at Monkey Pod Games and we believe in giving as many animals a loving home as possible. But sometimes the timing is not right. And we all know how important is to be able to take care of a dog properly. There are alot of responsibilities. So sometimes when your child is looking up with those big beautiful eyes and begging for a puppy you just have to say no. We personally believe however that waiting is sometimes a good thing!

Thankfully in the meantime there are other things you can get your child. Out of the million of toys you could get your child, only one really comes to mind which is a MONKEY POD GAMES PUPPY PUZZLE!

“Alright Monkey Pod Games. Give us the facts. We won’t just believe you hands down. We wan’t the facts!” say’s the critic. Fair enough. Every statement deserves backing. So here are the facts:

1. It is made of course from our beautiful monkeypod wood. The puppy puzzle is made up of ten hand crafted sturdy pieces.

2. It is crafted in the KUMIKI STYLE! This is a centuries old Japanese style that has lasted since the Meiji period in Japan. It is a simple yet sturdy style of building puzzles in different shapes such as airplanes, cars, or even puppies! There has been many “Kumiki” puzzle masters who have kept the tradition and artistry alive.

3. This is a great puzzle for parents to do with their kids. They more or less get a puppy and a cool puzzle for their room. Or for the puppy enthusiast who already has dogs, this can also make an amazing gift for the house or office.

4. It never needs to be fed or walked! No 6 a.m. dashes to the field before something stinky ends up on the kitchen floor.

Well fans and skeptics, these are our facts! Or reasons to buy the puppy puzzle, which I must add is being sold at a great price. Check out the puppy puzzle here!