Now you can celebrate Easter with a beautiful handmade Egg Tangram

Now you can celebrate Easter with a beautiful handmade Egg Tangram

Hi Everyone,

First Happy Happy Easter from everyone at Monkey Pod Games. Easter is right around the corner and I am sure many of you are getting busy in preparation.

What is beautiful about a holiday like Easter is that it is celebrated by so many different cultures worldwide and it is amazing to read about and view all of them. No matter what your tradition is for celebrating Easter, it all adds to the holiday spirit and community that transcends races and borders.

There are many different ways to celebrate Easter and many different objects involved. Everyone loves the Easter Bunny and his eggs. Who doesn’t love a good colorful egg hunt?

At Monkey Pod Games we would like to give our own little contribution to Easter! And that is why we are introducing the Monkey Pod Games Egg Tangram!

The Egg Tangram is a new way to do tangrams. It is 9 pieces (unlike the traditional 7) and in the shape of an egg!. Try and see if you can do all 54 bird shapes from the tangram pieces or try and make up your own designs.

The Egg Tangram is hand made like all our other puzzles and is a great way to spend a part of your Easter. Like our other tangrams, they are educational and alot of fun. And they make great little small gifts!

Check out the Egg Tangram here or just visit our website

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