Hi Monkey Pod Game’s fans, readers, critics, supporters, and even detractors,

We want to hear your opinion! Very very soon, we at Monkey Pod Games are going to have alot of brand new things. No I dont mean puzzles, well not yet. What I mean is that we are going to be introducing cool competitions, offers, and most of all gifts. Gifts because we love our fans and readers. We will have games and also articles that are relevant to you, your friends and your family.

But you see, these facebook fan pages, blogs, twitter are all about YOU! We want YOU to have an amazing time. So hear this: We want to hear YOUR opinions.

We are looking to read your ideas about what you want to see on our facebook fan page or what should we talk about on our blogs. It is important to us to be relevant to you all.

One thing though. All opinions need to be kept to under 120 words because I dont have too much time to worry about what you want because I want to watch a big basketball game tonight! JUST KIDDING :)