star-of-david-puzzleThe drums beat boom boom boom. Hearts are pulsating. The air is electrified and stiff.  Both sides hurl insults and profanities at each other. Swords are drawn and people spit in the direction of the enemy side. It was a war like none other. One side would remain for thousands of years and the other would vanish into the annals of history. Many lives had been lost. A fantastic story was being made but tragedy hung in the air. One side was the Israelites and the other was the Philistines.

One hot sunny day, both sides met on a small hilltop. The Israelites were in fear as the Philistines taunted them. “Who dares fight the mighty Goliath?”. Over six feet tall with muscles like an ox, Goliath put fear over all the heads of the Israelites. While the Israelites had a strong army, no man among them could face Goliath one on one. They felt humiliated and did not know what to do. For fourty days, Goliath had come out by order of the King of the Philistines. They wanted to do a single one on one combat match to decide the outcome of the war. But the Israelites had no man like Goliath.

So there they were both sides huddled across from each other. From the back, a boy passed through the side of the Israelites. He made his way to the front. He challenged the great Goliath. No one knew what to make of this. A small boy to fight the mighty large Goliath? The Israelites were to decide their fate on this boy? He told his name to everyone. It is David. The Israelites had no other volunteers so they agreed. It would be David versus Goliath. King Saul of the Israelites offered his armor but David declined. He swooped up a few stones and took out his slingshot.

And the battle began! David and Goliath confronted themselves face to face. They sized each other up. Goliath raised his shield and unsheathed his sword. It was huge. One accurate slice and David would be in two pieces. Goliath swipes at David but misses. He gets frustrated and gives the biggest slice of his sword that he has ever done in his life. But David takes advantage of his smaller size and rolls under the sword. He looks Goliath in eye, pulls out his slingshot, places  a rock in its pouch, pulls it back, aims, and lets go.

The rock hurls through the air at a brilliant speed. It slices through the air sharper than Goliath’s sword and more accurately as well. It cuts a path straight to Goliath’s head and before he can realize what is about to happen, the rock pierces straight into the middle of his forehead.

Both sides go “Ahh” as they were in complete shock as what had happened! Goliath falls to the ground and make a thud with his shield and sword laying still by his side as is the Goliath. David quietly goes up to Goliath, takes his sword and cuts off his head.

The Philistines take off in fear and are pursued by the Israelites. A young boy remains behind. A young boy who would soon become a King.

Now you can have a remainder in your own home of that fateful day. It isn’t David’s slingshot or rocks from that hill. It is a beautifully crafted Star of David puzzle.

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