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Here at Monkey Pod Games we love to bring attention important social issues. That is why we want to talk about the amazing charity “Love Without Boundaries”. This organization works hard to help and improve the lives of orphans in China. There are an untold amount of hungry and cold orphans who need our help. Love Without Boundaries has taken the lead in helping these orphans live easier lives. They have made a strong attempt to get people from all over the world to donate to their cause and they have been successful so far. However they still need our help!

Love Without Boundaries helps these children in four major ways:

1. MEDICAL: Love Without Boundaries has sent many teams of doctors to China to perform life saving operations and other necessary treatments to save and improve the lives of young orphans. They still have a serious waiting list which is why they need more help.

FOSTER CARE: Love Without Boundaries has given more than 300 children homes while making sure they are in proper foster homes where they are treated properly.

EDUCATION: Over 200 children are enrolled in educational programs run by Love Without Boundaries. This organization has many programs such as “Believe In Me” aimed at improving the education of these orphans. From pre-school all the way to college, Love Without Boundaries has been there to assist and improve the learning skills and abilities of so many orphans.

NUTRITION: Last but not least, Love Without Boundaries has been sending tons of necessary nutrition and food to different cities and provinces all over China. This is such a crucial aid as the key to smart and independent children are ones that are fed properly.

Love Without Boundaries have had so many success stories. Below is one that is truly touching from their website:

“Julia is one year old, and prior to surgery, suffered from a heart defect called a VSD. Julia suffered many setbacks due to pneumonia that was very difficult to treat. After 66 days in two different hospitals, Julia finally had surgery in December 2009 and is doing really well. We know Julia is feeling better because she likes to make silly faces now! Julia will continue to recover at our Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit. We hope 2010 brings another year full of blessings to the children in China and to all of you!! On behalf of all the children in our medical program-thank you!”

As you can see Love Without Boundaries is truly a magnificent charity. That is why we want to do our best to help them and we have decided to give a donation to their charity. But Love Without Boundaries needs alot of help and that can only come from the charitable. We urge you to give any donation you can.

Their website can be visited here at www.lovewithoutboundaries.com or if you need to do some shopping at Amazon, proceed there through this link and Love Without Boundaries will get 4% proceeds off whatever you buy!

The motto of Love Without Boundaries is that “Every child count”. The same goes for every dollar we can give to this amazing charity.


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