The Magic BoxSo as most of you know, April 15th is when everyone’s taxes are due.  This can be a stressful time but also a time of insecurity because you have to give up alot of your hard earned money. But for the treasures you do get to keep, may we suggest the MAGIC BOX! It is not really a magic box but it is just as cool. Basically, you put your valuables or whatever you want inside the magic box and then the only way to open it is by doing a secret trick! Only skilled handiwork will get the magic box open.

Now, we at Monkey Pod Games are very responsible when it comes to giving advice. We are in the business of making WOODEN PUZZLES and  not safes. So we dont really recommend putting your true valuables inside the magic box. But it is neat for those items of yours that you want to protect from pesty little fingers that belong to curious children.

Or it makes for a great gift idea if you want to put a gift within a gift! Tell the person that they need to open the Monkey Pod Games Magic Box before they get the gift inside.

The Magic Box is beautifully constructed from 18 wood pieces. This Magic Box makes for a great wooden puzzle or wooden game.

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