Massai Warriors Playing Monkey Pod Games Tumbling TowerWe here at Monkey Pod Games want to thank the Masai Warriors for loving our Tumbling Tower Game! We let real Masai Warriors test out our Tumbling Tower Game (a fun family wooden puzzle game) and they loved it!

The Masai are a semi nomadic indigenous people who originate from Kenya and Tanzania. Their language is called the Maa and it is estimated that their population is close to one million nowadays.  They are one of the most well known of African tribes with their distinct beautiful culture. They still keep their traditions and way of life as they did thousands and thousands of years ago. Despite many groups trying to get them to embrace modernity, they have refused and stuck to doing things the way their ancestors lived.  The men and women dress in beautiful flowing clothes and the women wear large colorful unique jewelry. The Masai are an integral and beautiful piece to the puzzle we call human civilization.

The Tumbling Tower is a great game used to bring family members together. It can also be a great ice breaker game. The object is the build the tower as high as you can without bringing down the tower. As all of our puzzles, it is made from our beautiful monkey pod wood. The Tumbling Tower makes for a beautiful wooden puzzle.

Why wait and leave all the fun just to the Masai Warriors? Get your own Tumbling Tower here!

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As always love from Monkey Pod Games!