The Love Test Monkey Pod GamesDoes anyone think the game of plucking off petals one by one on a flower to see if the man of your dreams loves you is unreliable? I know, if I  was a flower, and some girl plucked off all my petals, I sure wouldn’t let her get the man of her dreams. I mean, why should the flower suffer because the girl doesn’t know if the guy loves her or not.

Save the whales    flowers!

How can we go about that? I mean, imagine how many flowers we could save by not needing them to be used to find out who loves who? Well, we can rely on the Monkey Pod Games Love Test!

The Love Test is an awesome disentanglement puzzle which is way more accurate and valuable than murdering flowers! If you can release the trapped ball on a string, then the answer is: YES HE LOVES YOU! If you can’t, well try again! Love is about never giving up!

The Monkey Pod Games Love Test  makes a great gift whether for valentines day, for a love struck friend, or just a surprise gift to your loved one!