Monkey Pod Games Mancala World CupThe World Cup is halfway done and that means the games are less frequent. If you are anything like us at Monkey Pod Games, then you are obsessed with this competition and love soccer/football. Once you get into the African World Cup spirit, it is hard to get out of it, even when the 90 minutes is up. Therefore in the spirit of Africa and the World Cup, Monkey Pod Games has a game for you that is great to keep your waka waka going!

The game for you is Mancala! This game goes back thousands of years to early Africa where the first farmers played this game in Ethiopia. It soon spread to other parts of the continent and eventually the world. And what better way to honor a world game by playing another world game: Monkey Pod Games Mancala!

It can be played before a game, after or even at halftime! The beautiful Monkey Pod wood, the beads, and the African spirit will all keep you in your World Cup mood even if a game is not playing. This Monkey Pod Games Mancala is a great wooden board game. If you want to, instead of being competitors by name, both sides can choose a country and take the great competition from soccer/football to Mancala.

If you want to see more about his amazing African game, click here :)

Waka Waka,

Monkey Pod Games