Monkey Pod Games Gift SetIt sure can be hard to decide which puzzle is the best to get. Each one is unique whether it is it’s history or design. And in addition, sometimes picking the right puzzle can be tough. We often like to match a puzzle with the personality of the person we are giving that gift too. The wrong puzzle, while still a nice gift, could miss the whole point.

That is why we are offering a Monkey Pod Games GIFT SET!  Instead of having to pick one puzzle why not get a gift set of THREE or even SIX puzzles. This can be a great idea for either yourself or as a gift.

We believe gift sets are the best way to go about things. If one puzzle is too hard, they can put it down, take a break with another before going back to the original. Ten minutes a day on each puzzle and you have one groovy hour of puzzle playing!

Our gift sets come in a beautiful box as well, so when they are not in use they can look wonderful on a bookshelf or desk. We could list the puzzles that come in the gift set here but we would like to add a little suspense and let you see them for yourselves from our site. You can check them all here. Hope you like them as much as we do!