football_puzzle_monkey_pod_games6The air is getting crisper, the kiddies are back at school, and cold lemonade makes way for warm apple cider as the season’s drink of choice. Ahhh, my favorite time of year: football season. Whether it’s getting together with old college friends to cheer on your alma mater or declaring loyalty for your new favorite team (I’m talking to you, band-wagon Saints fans), Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons, and okay, many Monday nights if you’re hardcore like me, from  now until the end of January are now officially off-limits: Reserved For Football. Who can resist the joy of the game, and all that comes with it? Grown men standing shirtless in freezing temperatures with their shirts off and their faces painted in team colors. The holy trinity of wings-beer-burgers that is standard fare at any tailgating party, sports bar, or home-viewing celebration. And of course the delicious sound of bones crunching as 300-pound men pile on top of each other in hopes of getting a touch on that precious pigskin ball.

While it’s hard for me to understand, not everyone shares my love of the game. Some find it far too violent, others don’t have the patience to watch the four-hour drama unfold with all its starts and stops and instant replays. Time after time, I hear a similar complaint. “Every weekend, the same thing. My husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/friends drag me to watch a game I neither enjoy nor care about. And then he/she/they completely ignore me the entire time.“ I’d like to propose a solution to your football woes. Why not bring our amazing 3D Football puzzle along the next time you find yourself on a couch squished between two grown men wearing Palamalu jerseys and waving terrible towels in the air. (I’m talking to you, overly-enthusiastic Steelers fans). With its sporty football shape, you’ll fit right in among the actual fans and we promise the time will fly by as you try to reassemble the 6 wooden pieces together. I’m pretty sure within minutes even the most diehard in the group will have peeled their eyes away from the screen long enough to try their hand at solving the puzzle. The 3D Football is also the perfect soothing object to put in the hands of the aforementioned husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/friend when it’s 4th and goal from the 5, you’re down by 6, and it looks as if a heart attack is imminent. Also a wonderful distraction to give to children with an uncanny ability to “NEEEEEEED” something just as your team is about to score. All in all, the perfect football accessory for the fan and non-fan alike.  Click here to view this puzzle and all of our amazing Monkey Pod Games.