The Groundhog saw his shadow and there are at least 3 more weeks of winter (well…with this crazy NY weather… who knows what to expect… )

Valentine’s Day is over… so is that box of chocolate….

And President’s Day is over too… no more days off until the ever looked forward to SPRING BREAK

But don’t be dismayed! Here at Monkey Pod Games we’ve found a few puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours:

~The Spatial Challenge

Looking for a real challenge? Look no further. Whether you’re a child or an adult, this puzzle will definitely get you thinking. With smoothly crafted Monkey Pod wood pieces and a handmade box, this puzzle promises to delight .

Turtles, airplanes, pyramids and towers are just some of the structures you can create. Each time I have tried to solve a different structure, it takes me a few tries to get the pieces in the correct place.

But there’s good news- whenever I still can’t nab the puzzle, there are 3D color-coded solutions on the back of the card for extra help. Personally, I find my spatial reasoning skills strengthened each time and I’m getting better (aka-I’m solving the puzzles independently NOT using the solutions or our resident Monkey Pod Game Expert).

~14” Tumbling Tower

Sometimes watching the tower tumble is more fun than watching it climb! I’m in love with this game because it builds such an adrenaline rush and can be played alone or in a group regardless of age or subject-matter interest. While we all know the tower is going to tumble at some point, (thanks to gravity, a lack of a solid base, and human coordination or lack thereof), we somehow all dread to think that WE might be the one to topple it.

At the NY International Gift Show, I loved to dare attendees and vendors alike to pull a piece any piece of this very simple puzzle. It was a challenge to see how long we could keep a game going. Many people took me up on the challenge and succeeded… some wouldn’t dare… some toppled the tower…. And as for me, I toppled it quite a few times myself.

~The Magic Box Gift Set

One comment: Try to open the box….we dare you.