Magic Box with 3 PuzzlesGrowing up, one of my favorite family traditions revolved around St. Patrick’s Day and leprechauns.

For those of you who don’t know, leprechauns are part of the Irish Fairy Family. These tiny creatures are famous for the smart and devious tricks they play on humans to keep them away from their pot of gold and prevent having to give them three magical wishes.

Each year, the “leprechauns” would come to play practical jokes on my siblings and me. Some of these pranks included hiding our shoes, turning all the kitchen chairs upside down, or my personal favorite, putting green shaving cream in my brother’s hair while he was asleep…twice…

As an adult, I’ve realized there are more fun (and mature) pranks to be played.

My last blog post featured the magic box. While opening the box itself is a puzzle in and of itself, the three puzzles are no easier!

So in keeping with our love of all things witty and mischievous, this March 16th Monkey Pod Games will be raffling off magic boxes complete with a sack of golden chocolate coins. To enter, be sure to check out our facebook page beginning March 12th —we’ll be posting a puzzle of the day and details on how you can enter to win!